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Berna Merih, FCpC, ACC

Coach Bio:

Berna is an accomplished finance executive with 20+ years of dedicated experience and a history of developing high-performing individuals, building and leading finance teams. She started her career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young and gained experience with team and client management while accumulating knowledge of diverse industries ranging from construction to automotive, and hospitality to leasing. Following audit, she joined finance teams of companies to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of financial management. She became a proactive, goal-driven leader with a proven record of directing financial management activities, analyzing operations to provide financial insights, and designing, creating, and managing reporting systems while spearheading local and international finance projects. As a dedicated team player and compassionate and insightful finance executive, she has solid leadership background serving at different financial management levels and working with corporate leaders, executives, board members, and shareholders. As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), she had proven success with mentoring, coaching, and advising executives in leading conflicting teams while building trust and promoting collaboration to thrive success. Her colleagues described her as collaborative, encouraging, and inspirational while her team members felt encouraged, supported, and stimulated to act at their full potential.

Berna is a Flow Certified Professional Coach (FCPC). She is accredited as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and is pursuing her PCC credential with ICF (International Coach Federation). Born in Istanbul, Turkey, and living in Connecticut, USA, Berna brings 

a multi-cultural perspective to her coaching practice. Her rich experience in corporate life allows her to display a robust systems-thinking approach in life. Transitioning to live in the USA in 2017 transformed her into an empowered self-leader and an entrepreneur who pursues her passion and purpose in life. She inspires, empowers, and transforms people into self-leaders who thrive in life and business.

Berna’s Mission as a Coach

Berna’s mission is to outshine the power of self-leadership, inspiration, and motivation in every aspect of life and to promote positive leadership to humanize the workplace As an inspirational and resourceful coach, Berna is committed to partnering with people looking for a positive shift, a change with results in every aspect of life, personal and professional. 

Berna’s Values

Berna values integrity as a trustworthy, open, and authentic coach. Her clients describe her as compassionate and respectful She sees compassion as “empathy in action.” She always acts with an intention to understand, value, and care for people. She intentionally presents active care and kindness to everyone and who is in need to be able to make an impact in their lives. She has a calm and patient presence. Through her caring and trusted presence, her clients get the chance to enjoy the safe space she creates for them. She is a life-long learner passionate about personal growth. Learning environments inspire her and feed her growth mindset. She has a collaborative approach through which her clients gain a greater sense of clarity, awareness, and self-confidence. She is a supportive, dedicated, and loyal partner/teammate who excels as a member of a group. Collaboration for her is a space for synergy, learning, and creativity. She connects with others from the heart to heart. She feels she is alive when she stays connected with people and cultivate valuable relationships. Connectedness gives her life energy which makes her act genuinely and in a compassionate way to stimulate learning experiences through collaboration.

Berna’s Coaching Approach 

Berna coaches the whole person. Her approach is to explore and challenge the “power within,” and help individuals convert it into a “resilient tool” that can continuously be used to achieve long-term goals and to act at one’s full potential. Berna’s coaching involves a holistic approach incorporating all aspects of being a human.

Berna Merih, FCPC, ACC Transformational Leadership Coach

“Inspiring and empowering people to transform into self-leaders who thrive in life and business.”

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