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Dr. Gloria Burgess

Coach Bio:

Dr. Gloria J. Burgess is an executive coach, leadership consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor. An expert designer and leader of unique, innovative learning experiences, Gloria positions her work at the vibrant intersectionality of leadership, equity, inclusion, social justice, and diversity, and she is one of the few practitioners who integrates the arts into her practice and work with clients, drawing on her expertise in theatre, music, poetry, dance, and design. Her focus is singular: individual and collective transformation.

As an executive coach, Gloria draws on her diverse experience as business leader and her extensive experience in non-profit, government, philanthropic, NGO, and academic contexts.

Gloria has served as interim college president, program lead, lead faculty, and visiting faculty in multiple international settings. She also coaches in Management and Leadership Institutes to meet the needs of her diverse clients.

In addition to coaching, Gloria is also a dynamic, sought-after speaker. She has presented keynotes and forums in 30+ countries on six continents, including the International Coach Federation (Australasia), Boeing, Microsoft, AT&T, Starbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, South African Embassy, Kenyan Parliament, IEDC – Bled School of Management (Slovenia), Paraguay’s Office of the President, Sankofa Young Leaders of Color Institute (Ghana), and Women’s International Network. Gloria masterfully combines insightful commentary with personal engagement, weaving social and creative artistry into her inspiring keynotes and transformational learning experiences to foster hope, courage, creativity, healing, hospitality, and resilience—qualities we all yearn for and need.

Born in rural Mississippi, Gloria came of age during the turbulent Civil Rights era in the US. Not unlike South Africa’s Apartheid system, the bigotry and cruelty she experienced made her better, not bitter. “Growing up in the dehumanizing, horrific conditions in the US formed me into the leader I am today. Integrating intercultural and social justice into my work is not an option. It is an imperative—not only to inspire leaders, but also to equip them to lead effectively and humanely in our deeply interconnected Global Village.”

Gloria lives with her husband John in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Gloria Burgess

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