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Dr. Elizabeth Tuleja

Coach Bio:

Elizabeth believes that coaching is an action-oriented process that focuses on solutions to help propel you forward. As your coach she will listen, ask questions, and encourage you to explore what matters most to you. Through this process you will identify challenges in your professional and personal life as you gain awareness of who you are, define what is important to you, and decide what actions are needed. The coaching process helps you pinpoint key challenges and action steps to address them; identify mental obstacles and how to overcome them; and uncover potential that is untapped, all the while building your self-confidence and motivation. Dr. Tuleja has worked in the business sector as well as in executive education, helping professionals in all industries around the globe figure out solutions to their most challenging problems.

Intercultural Intelligence Model

Ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu was probably a great coach!  He said, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.”  What’s got you stuck from taking that first step on your journey towards creating solutions to your most pressing professional and life challenges?  Why go it alone when you can have a travel companion?

As your coach I will use the Intercultural Intelligence coaching model that follows these three steps to help you be a stronger leader who goes from good to great:

Creating awareness starts with knowing yourself - your preferences for communicating, for working, and for being...and then how you relate to others...We begin to look at what are the triggers that set you off?  Or the unconscious fears that keep you from moving forward? Or the sabotaging inner voice?

Building knowledge is critical as you become curious and open to learning new things, which can include:  How do you react and respond to certain stimuli? How can you develop proactive responses based upon deeper knowledge? And what are the areas you want to work on for self-improvement?

Taking action is critical to put into practice what you are learning and to develop skills as you build a repertoire of responses across a wide variety of situations and contexts,. It's not enough to cultivate awareness and build your knowledge but to take action to develop strategies for successful engagement.

I will help you take that first step on your journey to finding solutions to the challenges you find along the way.

Dr. Elizabeth Tuleja

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