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Dr. Seth Silver

Coach Bio:

Dr. Silver has worked with over 200 client organizations in health care, higher education, high tech, government, business services, manufacturing and non-profit.  His consulting focuses on two key areas: developing and improving leadership; and creating high engagement, high performance workplaces that are characterized by “dignity, meaning, and community”.  His services include: executive coaching, leadership training, team development, conflict  resolution, building effective workplace partnerships, strategic planning, and organizationa/team diagnosis. As an executive coach, Dr. Silver believes in this principle: "If there is no reflection, there is no learning. If there is no learning, there is no change.  If there is no change, eventually we stagnate and fail." His approach to coaching often includes exploring work related feedback and defining 

future goals. Then with helpful questions, meaningful dialogue and deep listening, he supports clients to reflect, discover new insights, make important changes, and achieve improved results.  For those clients facing career difficulty, Dr. Silver has a long record of helping them regain confidence, re-set colleague relationships to be more mutually successful, and move forward with new achievements.  Dr. Silver was trained in the GROW method of coaching and various 360 degree instruments. His years of experience, and background in Human Resource Development, Leadership and Adult Learning, help his clients to learn, change, and become more effective leaders.

Dr. Silver has developed a unique business process called The Workplace Covenant, which helps parties in any organization to exchange reciprocal obligations, expectations, praise and feedback so as to ensure empathy, trust, and alignment in their work relationship. He has recently co-authored a book, entitled Meaningful Partnership at Work: How The Workplace Covenant Ensures Mutual Accountability and Success Between Leaders and Teams, to bring the concept to a wider audience.

From 2000 to 2014, Dr. Silver was a part-time Assistant Professor and taught Masters level students in Human Resource Development at St. John Fisher College and then the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).Dr. Silver holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto, a Masters from Cornell University, and a Doctorate (Ed.D.) from The George Washington University.  He has served on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations in the Rochester area, and is a citizen of both the US and Canada.

‘Silver Bullets’ That Inform Dr. Silver’s Coaching Work:

(All quotations are from Seth R. Silver, and are used as principles to help clients gain insight and succeed)

“As a manager or colleague, if you are not willing to ask for and accept feedback, then you don’t have the right to give it”

“Problem behavior ignored or tolerated is problem behavior encouraged”

“Your title, expertise or seniority may give you authority.  But it is your demonstrated behavior that earns you respect, trust and cooperation”

“Listening is the currency of care”

“Workplace relationships are the threads of the fabric we call our organization.  The better your workplace relationships, the more satisfied and successful you will be”

“Why is a car rearview mirror smaller than a windshield?  Because it is more important where you are going than where you have been”

“The test of someone’s character is how they handle things they don’t like”

“You have to conform in some areas to gain autonomy and independence in others”

“The more you try to control others, the less influence you will ultimately have”

“To empower others, discuss the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.  Let them figure out the ‘how’”

“People become committed to the things they help create”

“People don’t resist change.  They resist being changed”

“If there is no reflection, there is no learning.  If there is no learning, there is no change.  If there is no change, eventually you stagnate and fail”

“The time will go by whether you do anything with it or not”

“You have to model the behavior you want others to emulate”

“The human brain has more than 13 billion brain cells.  No one ever died from over-thinking”

“Stupid is forever.  Ignorance can be fixed”

“Courtesy is to relationships what oil is to machinery”

“Conflict is inevitable.  Anger is a choice.  And almost always it’s the wrong choice”

“Anger gets us into trouble.  Pride keeps us there”

Dr. Seth Silver

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