The Coaching Companion: Leverage Your Leader-Coach

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Employees across sectors and economies are begging to be engaged and empowered. Rising to this challenge, organizations are increasingly invested in helping leaders shift from expert leaders to Leader-Coaches. An expert leader will solve the problems their team brings to them. A Leader-Coach resists the temptation to solve others' problems, and instead serves as a thought partner and provocateur, drawing even better solutions from their people and their teams, while concurrently promoting creativity, innovation, inclusion, and personal growth. This book is written to those who seek to leverage their leader as a coach. Building on concepts in The Coaching Companion: How to Get the Most from Your Coaching Experience, this work speaks to what you can do to get the most from the Leader-Coaches who support your growth and success. It is also an excellent guide for leaders who want to increase the impact as a Leader-Coach.

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