Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals

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Do you as a senior or executive leader at times feel that the uncertainty in the organizational world of today can squeeze the self out of the self? Authentic Leadership, a leadership by presence and beyond position, can be defined as being true to self, and true to one’s leadership purpose, with a strong moral underpinning, for the greater good of all that we serve. To develop such leadership, both individually and collectively, we need to be self-aware, both of who we are and how we have become so, in order to understand the internal compass that drives us, consciously or unconsciously. We need to understand how that internal compass can be strengthened to support us in who we need to be as senior or executive Authentic Leaders. Once self-aware, a strong and moral internal compass allows us to self-regulate our decisions and behaviors so that we can steer True North, in this case during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and through doing so, influence the systems we form part of, to do the same. In this asynchronous course, you will get an understanding of why the need for Authentic Leadership, what it is, and how sustainable Authentic Leadership Effectiveness can be developed in senior or executive leaders.

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