Leader as Coach

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Leaders are often promoted into positions of leadership due to their prior business or technical acumen for which they might have studied for three years plus at a tertiary academic institution. Once promoted, instead of personally delivering all outcomes, you are now expected to deliver through others. This means that your main skills need to focus on leading others. You need to be able to influence, inspire and empower others, which is often the most challenging skills to develop, and yet, you are expected to somehow just develop these skills though osmosis. Yet without these skills, you might find it very difficult to succeed as a leader, with so many diverse people reporting to you, and needing to deliver for you and your organisation. If this is your experience, then this asynchronous course is for you, as it will consider all you need to know in order to change your leadership style to a more coaching style that can empower those you lead to start leading themselves and others that they need to lead.



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