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Dr. Rob Elkington

Coach Bio:

Rob believes that coaching is a dynamic partnership with inherently capable, able, and powerful people. In this partnership, the coach and the client collaborate using artful and creative questioning to co-construct meaningful solutions and exciting new opportunities. Rob is an ICF certified FLOW Business Coach who has coached Entrepreneurs, Academic leaders, business leaders, and public sector leaders. Rob is keen to support your transformative coaching journey, and you can see his coaching philosophy articulated in the Ubuntu Coaching Creed included below.

The Ubuntu Creed for FLOW Business Coaches:

Ubuntu says: “I am a person by virtue of other persons, so when you win, I win, and when you hurt, I hurt.” That is the essence of FLOW Business coaching, an Ubuntu partnership in which I come alongside you to help you effect transformational change to achieve your goals! When you win, I win, and so this is my creed:

As a FLOW Business Coach, I will partner with you to facilitate the transformational change you seek, to help you win, to help you succeed. My partnership with you will always be ethical, empathic, and open-hearted. I commit to listening actively, thinking carefully, and asking powerful and useful questions that enable you to draw on the strength within to see new possibilities and travel new pathways. I commit to eschewing the advice monster or believing that I have the best solutions for your life, for you are inherently capable, powerful, and able! I want you to win, for when you win, I win! My greatest contribution to your life, and to the world, is to be a humble and privileged partner on your journey to greatness, to help you find your FLOW, and to live out the power and principle of UBUNTU in our sessions together.

Rob Elkington, Ph.D.

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