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We are excited to offer an exciting leadership symposium based upon five chapters in our globally published book: “Exceptional Leadership by Design.” Leadership, exceptional leadership, is a significant synthesis of science and art. We use the same synergy of art and science in our leadership symposium. In this symposium you will:

1. Discuss Design thinking and Design principles and understand how these relate to effective leadership.

2. Understand the role of empathy in the Design thinking process and how empathy reshapes effective leadership.

3. Apply Design thinking principles to your leadership practice and leadership context.

4. Design and develop a stronger, healthier, resilient organization in these turbulent times.

The topics covered in this one-day symposium are based upon the following chapters in our Exceptional Leadership by Design Book (excerpted from the Introduction by Dr. Glick Smith). Each chapter author will host a one-hour session in the symposium in which they unpack the key themes of their chapter in an interactive and discursive process with you, the audience.

Chapter 5, Redesigning the Hero Leader: Leveraging Emergent Leadership, by Dr. Rob Elkington addresses the power of using a coach to help get you jump started in the journey to become an exceptional leader.

Chapter 8, Designing a Resilient Organization, by Dr. Jennifer Moss Breen, encourages you to build resilience strategies into your organizational model. The elasticity that resilience provides an organization is what perpetuates it over the long term.

Chapter 10, Designing Leadership for Innovation, by Dr. Bettina von Stamm, focuses on the importance of a wholistic, enabling, and facilitative approach to leadership design. When leading for innovation it is important to consider the entire organization as a system.

Chapter 11, Designing Globally and Culturally Intelligent Leadership, by Dr. Elizabeth Tuleja, explores Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a critical mindset and skillset for global leadership. Culturally intelligent organizations envision, plan, and create environments for both personal and organizational success. 

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