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Jenni's mother warned her new husband about a kindergarten report card in which the teacher wrote: Jenni can found in the playground, organizing her classmates into a queue (line); making sure that every child has equal time taking turns on the tricycle.  It always matters to Jenni that others are treated fairly and equally.”  Apparently, I have not changed much as I have spent my career in the nonprofit sector, committed to helping others maximize their potential and advocate for equity.  

One of the ways I am recently continuing my life's work is as a consultant with MorseLife Health System (Palm Beach County, Florida) offering Trauma-Informed Care training for organizations that serve older adult immigrants and Holocaust Survivors and their families; focused on the intergenerational transmission of trauma. 

I am a strong proponent and encourage all human service organizations to invest in trauma-informed approaches to service. Leaders need to provide the training necessary to create and implement a methodology, much like that of mandatory universal precautions, to ensure a safe (physical and psychological), transparent, collaborative, and person-centered, trauma-informed practice, at every level of the organization.

One of my tips for success is self-care, especially during these uncertain times. Resilience is not only about gutting it out, but also about taking time out! Kindness and compassion to self and others also go a long way!

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