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Dr. Carylynn Larson

Coach Bio:

Cary combines deep scientific expertise in the social sciences with extensive C-suite coaching and consulting experience to elevate even the most successful leaders. Cary’s clients describe her as brilliantly insightful, pragmatically blunt, and contagiously positive. She has a knack for knowing which frameworks and resources will profoundly impact her clients. Cary helps her clients activate new awareness and heighten conversational, relational, and emotional capacities.

Cary is diversely accomplished in multiple fields. As a researcher and scientific practitioner, she helped the US military adapt to the new (post 9/11) nature of warfare. As a consultant, she designed systems and programs to support some of the world’s most influential organizations. Cary has served on faculty at The George Washington University, George Mason University, and the United States Naval Academy. She has conducted applied research with organizations such as The Center for Creative Leadership, the U.S. Air Command & Staff College and the Army Research Institute. Cary holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (George Mason University) and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University). She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with over 1500 hours of leadership coaching experience and a Certified Master Facilitator with thousands of hours of facilitation experience. She is regularly called upon to facilitate senior leadership meetings and to speak at leadership conventions on topics such as leading change, employee engagement, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. She is the author of The Coaching Companion: Get the Most from Your Coaching Experience as well as (forthcoming) Leverage Your Leader-CoachCary is herself an entrepreneur and community leader, founding a national non-profit and serving as its Executive Director, and currently, President. As a passionate learner, Cary enjoys reading and writing, particularly during the solitude of long flights. Her greatest joy is spending time with her husband, son, and extended family. 

Cary Helps Her Clients:

  • Increase social and emotional skills

  • Strengthen communications and relationships

  • Stop reacting and start being mindful

  • Stay calm and composed in the most tumultuous and straining of environments

  • Influence resistant team members and other stakeholders

  • Build bridges across corporate divides

  • Push the boundaries of innovation


  • PayPal Inc.

  • Luminar Techologies

  • eBay Inc.

  • Novavax

  • SRAM Corporation

  • World Bicycle Relief

  • Expeditors, Inc.

  • National Science Foundation

  • National Nuclear Security Administration

  • Department of Defense

  • Smithsonian Institution Department of Homeland Security

  • Georgetown University

  • Fairfax County

  • GRID Alternatives

Certifications &Affiliations

  • International Coach Federation (PCC)

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

  • Leadership Agility 360

  • The Leadership Circle Profile

  • Predictive Index

  • Emotional & Social Competence Inventory

  • Enneagram, DiSC & MBTI Personality Frameworks

  • Center for Creative Leadership Assessment Suite

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile

  • Team Dialogue Indicator

  • Leader Network Diagnostic

Work Samples

CLIENT: Co-Founder & CTO of a Top 50 CNBC Disruptor Company: Client sought coaching to work through significant challenges with co-founder & CEO, and to respond to concerns brought to the Client that his explosive nature was causing morale problems within the company. As a result of extensive screening and interviews by both the HR Department and the Client, Cary was selected as this Client’s Executive Coach.

RESULT: As a result of close work with this Client over an initial four months, leveraging insights from extensive interviews, and a framework of creative vs. reactive tendencies, the Client’s colleagues and team members reported exponentially more professional behaviors. Outbursts were replaced with deep breaths and calm words of affirmation; command and control fire-fighting behavior was replaced with offers of support coupled with expressions of trust and appreciation. Accountability increased as the Client let projects and programs remain delegated in the midst of innovation challenges. Meanwhile, the Client regained balance and the confidence of his team. During the second four months of the coaching engagement, the Client focused on engaging in difficult conversations with his co-founder and was successful at rebuilding a strong working relationship and friendship.


CLIENT: CTO & CEO of a Startup Alternative Energy Company: Based on a referral from another coach, the Board of Directors sought Cary’s help in reestablishing communications and a solid working relationship between the Founder & CTO and the CEO. At the time of engagement, the CTO and CEO were not speaking and two key members of the senior management team were fed up with the lack of professionalism from both of them.

RESULT: Cary’s work with this CTO/CEO pair resulted in critically important restoration of their working relationship. Through a series of facilitated meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions, Cary created space for each to air their frustrations, be heard, learn from their experiences, and commit to more effective ways of working together. Months after Cary’s intervention, all parties, including Board Members, confirmed that the open and honest conversations had continued and that both CEO and CTO were continuing to improve in their communications with one another, and with others in the company. 

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