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Help us raise money for scholarships to support leaders in developing countries. All funds go directly to purchasing courses and memberships for individuals who could not otherwise afford to purchase a membership, but who would greatly benefit from being a member.
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Developing Excellence in Leadership GLobally.

When you become a GLI member, you have access to an amazing array of resources that will help you to build your skill sets and capacity as a leader . Our team of experts have extensive training and experience across a wide variety of sectors including, but not limited to: healthcare, law enforcement, higher education, not-for-profit, and government.  Our team has designed courses in the areas of business development, leadership development, cultural intelligence,  mindfulness and more in order to give you a wholistic and well-rounded selection of tools to suit your personal development goals. What's more, is that many of these courses are offered online so you can take them at your own pace despite how hectic your life may be; and best of all, you can opt to receive a university backed certificate for many of the courses. 

To supplement these courses, we offer our Personal Leadership Development App which is a phenomenal tool to help you track your progress. This accompanied with podcasts, free webinars hosted by our expert team,  a free coaching session, free yearly book, all synergize to provide you with a wholistic approach to leadership development. 

Choose from one of the membership levels below and begin your journey to becoming an exceptional leader!

* The Platinum + membership includes a Gold sponsored membership for a developing leader.




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Jenni Frumer, PhD., LCSW, MSEd.

Expert Consultant

"Resilience is not only about gutting it out, but also about taking time out!"~Jenni

About Jenni

E-mail: sarah@globalleader.ca
Ontario, Canada
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